Tuesday, October 25, 2011

W&D Holland Conference in Haiti

PMEL Group
Jan Loch- CEO of Woord en Daad Holland
I spent 7 days at a lodge high up in the mountains of Haiti for a &D Holland Conference.  W&D set up alliances in the different regions of the worlds where they work.  The alliance that AMG Guatemala is in is called CLARA (Caribbean Latin America Regional Alliance.  The other organizations in our alliance are two from Nicaragua, CDA from Colombia (Missy Kristi's organization: Word and Deed Canada also support them) and three organizations in Haiti.  Each organization has to send certain members of their staff to attend the conference and receive training and work together in groups.  W&D Holland also sends down certain members of their staff to guide the discussions.  W&D is striving on working more as partners where each organization and alliance also has input with regards to policies, etc.  Although the conference was a little unorganized at times and internet access was limited we had a good time and were able to have good discussions together and share ideas and experiences.

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