Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jesse's First Day of School

Eve is one of Jesse's best friends

Today was an exciting day for Jesse. Not only was it his 5th birthday, but it was also his first day of school. Jesse started kindergarten today and he was very excited. Although he went to bed quite late he was up early getting ready for class. That was very responsible of him. We took him and then twins to school at 7:40 and brought him to his classroom. He quickly fit in and left us to play with some of the other kids. He knows several of the other kids in the class which of course made it easy. At 10:00 Lia brought cupcakes to class to celebrate Jesse's birthday and at noon we picked him up again together with Nico and Ellen. Today was just a half a day of school, Tomorrow they will have their first full day of school from 8:00 till 3:15. We ask that you pray for our kids as they start another year as well as for the teachers.
Ellen and one of her classmates

Back In Guatemala

Chilliwack Lake
We are back safe and sound in Guatemala. We had a good time in Canada visiting with family and friends and being with our sending church. We greatly appreciate the support that the Chilliwack FRC gives us and we enjoyed sharing about what the Lord is doing in Guatemala. We also enjoyed the beauty of BC and the smooth, straight roads and being able to do some fishing. We fished the icy waters of Chilliwack Lake and although we did not catch too much we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Other than going on some drives, day trips and fishing we did not do a whole lot. I spent a few days working with my brother in law putting trusses on a monster of a house. I enjoyed doing some physical labour and the weather was perfect for it. The rest of our time was spent shopping, visiting family and friends, and getting things arranged for another year away. We stayed with Lia's mom and the kids enjoyed riding their bikes and going on walks through the forest (where the bad wolf lives- according to Tristan).
Our flight to Guatemala from Seattle left at around 12:20 am Friday morning. The flight was more or less uneventful except for the lack sleep and the rough landing in Guatemala City. The airport here is considered one of the more difficult places to land because of the surrounding mountains and the fact that it is in the middle of the city. We arrived at 11:00 am and were picked up by Alex an AMG worker who brought us home. It was nice to come home to a spotless house thanks to our maid Maria.
We spent Saturday doing some grocery shopping and we were finally able to pick up the Nissan Patrol from the shop. The engine had finally arrived the middle of July and so it was finally ready for us to use.  The Patrol had been in shop since the beginning of March. Even though it took so long we are grateful that they gave us a new engine with another 3 year warranty. God has been good!

On Sunday we went to the Presbyterian Church and enjoyed the worship service there. On Monday I went to the office for a while to do some work.  On Tuesday I went to the office again for a meeting with some members of the medical faculty of the largest private university in Guatemala and other AMG workers. Several blocks from the office I saw my first murder since being back.  A man had been shot and was lying on the side of the road and people were milling around to get a look.  It brought home again the reality of living in Guatemala.  Having said that we had a great meeting with the university and we look forward to working with them in finding possible solutions to some of the problems children and young people face in Guatemala. The university is helping AMG do a study to better understand the context and barriers children and young people face as a result of living in the slums.
We ask that you continue to pray for Guatemala and also for the organizations like AMG and FRMI who are working hard to bring about lasting change through the sharing of the Gospel.