Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A lot has happened since the last time I posted an entry. I have been meaning to write, but either not had the time or the energy to do so I will try and update all of you over the next few weeks as to some of the things that have been going on. Things have been very busy for us; from school starting and getting back into the swing of things, to many work related events that took a lot of energy and time. Then throw in a good bout of the flu and before you know it several months have gone by with out posting an entry on the blog. 
As a family we are doing quite well at the moment. We were all home one day when a powerful earthquake hit in the beginning of September. As it intensified we ran outside until it stopped. This was the most powerful earthquake we have experienced in Guatemala. Although the quakes caused some damage, only one person died. A week later we were all hit by a hefty strain of the flu. Although I am usually the last one to get sick, this time it started with me and I was quite sick for over a week and spent most of that time in bed with a severe sore throat, aches, and fever. The kids then got sick one by one starting with Tristan, Jesse, Ellen, and lastly Nico. After a few days Ellen and Jesse recovered fairly quickly and Tristan was sick a little longer. However, Nico who bragged when his siblings got sick of a superior immune system, ended up getting the sickest of all of us and we had to see a doctor several times because he was not getting better and the lymph nodes in his neck were very swollen. After 4-5 weeks the swelling in the lymph nodes finally disappeared. Thankfully, Lia did not get sick until I was on the mend. She was not sick for very long, although she had a cough that lingered for close to a month. Being sick and bedridden puts life back in perspective and reminds us of the fact that we are dying and that this life is fleeting. It also makes one thankful when one is healthy.
As I mentioned before we will be sharing different stories with you over the next few weeks about some of the things that have been going on here in Guatemala.