Friday, February 11, 2011


We know from the page view tracker that there are a number of people who are following our blog.  The majority of hits come from Canada, Guatemala and the US, but there are also quite a few page views from Holland, Australia, Ecuador, and Peru.  Then there are a few from places like the Czech Republic, Mexico, Germany, UK, Indonesia, and South Korea.  We would like to hear from all of you who are following our blog.  We have in general a good idea as to who is following us from certain countries, but there are other countries that we have no clue as to who is following us from there.  So for us it would be nice if you have the time to write a little comment.  We appreciate reading your comments since it makes us feel closer to you who follow our blog and keep up to date as to our life and work in Guatemala.  PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ONCE IN A WHILE!