Friday, November 5, 2010

Trip to Peru- Last Post

This will be my last post from Peru as I will fly out tomorrow morning early.  My experience here has been good.  I have learned a lot and will leave knowing that I have a lot more to learn.  One of the things I learned was to eat different kinds of food.  As some already know I have always been a fussy or picky eater.  I do not like to try many new things.  Thankfully my years in Guatemala taught me to be less picky and they prepared me for my trip to Peru.  I assumed that in Peru the food would be fairly simple like it is in Guatemala.  However, was I ever surprised.  The food here is very different to that of Guatemala.  Tortillas are not eaten here.  The corn here is quite different from Guatemalan corn.  Also people eat a lot of rice and potatoes and much of the food has an oriental flavor thanks to the Chinese and Japanese who began living here many years ago.  As some of you might know Peru had a president (Fujimori) of Japanese descent.  This past week I have eaten food that would normally be served in fancy restaurants.  However, here it is common to eat this kind of food.  During my week here I have not eaten the same thing twice whether it was a meal or a snack.  Neither have I had the same drink more than once other than the occasional cup of tea that I made for myself.  Also most of the food was locally grown at the conference center and almost all was organic.  It was really quite impressive and needless to say each meal was an experience.