Saturday, June 8, 2013

Visit to AMG Head Office

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to fly to Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit the AMG head office. Four missionaries from Guatemala were invited to attend 3 days of strategy meetings. We arrived around midnight, several hours late because our flight from Atlanta had been delayed. After a short night of rest we spent the following days sharing about what we are involved with and looking toward the future. It was great to be there and be part of the discussion. I found it also wise on their part to involve missionaries and other national workers in coming up with strategies instead of making decisions without the input of their partners and missionaries on the field. It was also special for me to be treated like one of them, even though I am not an AMG missionary.I was given a tour of the office which is quite large and also got to see their publishing house and bookstore.
It was a true privilege to be able to visit AMG. It is definitely an organization that wants to please God and seeks His guidance as they move ahead. It is filled with people passionate about God and His work that He is doing through them around the world.