Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teacher Training- Day 3

Today was our third consecutive day of training.  Although I have been part of the previous training sessions today was my turn to presents my lesson which was on "integrating Christian teachings into the national curriculum".  I was asked to teach a seminar on this topic in November for the teacher of AMG.  I must admit that when I was asked to teach on this subject I said that I was not quite sure as to what I should teach.  I was told that I had some good ideas as to this subject and therefore am qualified to teach on it.  I guess that during my visit of the schools and talks with some of the directors I had asked questions, made comments and suggestions regarding teaching holistically.  My comments got me in trouble since I must have sounded like I knew what I was talking about.  I prepared my material and gave the 4 hour seminar and thankfully it was well received.  I focused mainly on the importance of having a Biblical worldview and what is a Biblical worldview. I only touched briefly on how to incorporate Biblical teaching in each subject.  Interestingly enough the following week ACSI came to AMG and gave a more practical seminar on exactly what I only briefly touched on.  Their seminar complemented mine in a perfect way.  It is amazing how God works since I was not aware as to what ACSI was going to speak on (I did not even know they were coming) neither were they aware of what I had taught on.  God orchestrated everything perfectly.
Anyhow, I decided to do the same seminar today with our teachers and it we had a good time together and had some good discussions.  We also did some practical work where the teachers had to take an object lesson from the national curriculum and combine it with what the Bible say and come up with an object lesson that is holistic.  My prayer is that the teacher shift their way of thinking in order to teach Biblical based lessons.  Our teacher currently teach the national curriculum in their schools and also a separate Bible class.  The purpose of the training today was for them to begin taking the national curriculum and combining it with what the Bible teaches in order to provide a lesson that teaches the subject from the Christian worldview.  While this sounds easy it can be quite challenging especially when you have never done so nor have been taught how to do so.  My prayer (I ask that you pray for this with me) is that our teachers begin to prepare their lessons and include Biblical ideas into them.  They might not do it very well at first but with time and more training and experience we hope that they will be able to do so more fully in the future.