Friday, April 8, 2011

W&D Conference in Nicaragua

I have been in Nicaragua now for a week and we just wrapped up the Woord en Daad (W&D) conference.  In general it was a good conference and we learned a lot.  Now the work begins and deadlines need to be met.  The first one is May 15 which is not that far off, at which point in time we will have to have a number of studies done.  The purpose of these studies is to measure were we are at as an organization currently so that in the next few years and especially in 5 years we can see how we have either progressed or regressed.  As organizations we want to look at ourselves objectively in order to see how we can better ourselves.  The conference was attended by all the partners in the Caribbean and in Latin America who are supported by W&D Holland.  These countries include Haiti, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.  Of all these organization AMG Guatemala is one of the largest.
My work with AMG has to do mainly with measuring quality control and now that it has been fully explained to us how to do this work things are going to get busy.  Having said that I am excited because we will finally be implementing everything that we were taught in Lima, Peru, and now in Nicaragua.
I am looking forward to going home and seeing Lia and the kids.  A week is a long time to be away from the family especially when they are living in a country that is not too safe.