Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update of the Family

We just want to quickly update you on certain things that we mentioned in our previous blog.  We are back in the city and the kids started schools again.  It is good for them to be back at school and in routine.  
We went to see the specialist yesterday for a checkup on Jesse`s arm and to discuss the results of lil`Nico`s x-ray.  Our appointment was at 10:30 and we were not done until 1:15.  It took almost three hours!  The reason for that was that we had to get Jesse`s cast removed after which we were sent downstairs to have an x-ray taken of his arm.  This took well over an hour.  Part of the reason for this was that since it was a Monday it was extra busy at the clinic.  The other reason was that the x-ray of Jesse`s arm showed something that the first x-ray that we had done in Cubulco did not show.  This came as a surprise to the x-ray technician and the specialist. When technician in Cubulco took the x-ray of Jesse`s arm he just did the area of the arm around the elbow. Yesterday they took an x-ray of the complete arm which showed that Jesse actually had fractured both his upper and lower arm.  Thankfully everything has healed properly and Jesse is now able to go without a cast.  He has some pain when he makes certain movements, but that will go away over time.
Tristan with Nico and Ellen's teacher Miss Amy
As for Nico, we got the results back.  His condition can in 90% of cases be reversed by doing exercises that will strengthen the back muscles.  The specialist recommended exercises like swimming and karate.  We also need to work on his posture.  Hopefully this will help reverse his condition.  If the exercise does not work we will have to see a physiotherapist.
Apart from this our children are doing well.  Nico and Ellen are doing great in school  and love their teacher Miss Amy.  Nico makes friends easily, but for Ellen this is harder, although she is more open and makes friends easier than before.  Their Spanish has improved tremendously.  Jesse and Tristan are growing like weeds.  We had them weighed at the doctors office and both are at the upper end of the scale as to what is normal.  As we mentioned in a previous blog Tristan started walking several months ago and now he is scooting all around the house.  He did not like wearing shoes at first on his feet since he preferred to have them on his hands.  He would crawl around house wearing on his hands whatever pair of shoes or sandals that he would find lying around.  Our children are a great joy to us and a blessing and we are thankful that up to now they are healthy and growing.