Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trip to Pichal

Pastor Xicara
Several weeks ago I had the privilege to do a short day trip to the aldea of Pichal.  One of the things I miss now that we do not live in Cubulco are the treks to the aldean churches (or at least I think I do).  The treks, although often difficult and tiring, always had an upside which was enjoying God's creation.  The hike to Pichal is the shortest one as it takes 45 minutes by truck, a short boat crossing as the bridge is no longer there, and an hour hike. I had been invited to attend an outreach service there and was accompanied by a family from the central church, Pastor Xicara, a medical student from the States Ben Bloxham, and my twins Nico and Ellen.  We left in the afternoon and arrived in Pichal a half an hour before the service was supposed to start.  Special services hardly ever start on time, and this was no exception. We first had to eat supper so that postponed the service for a while and then it poured for a good hour which also delayed everything since you could not hear a thing.  Also it was supposed to be an outdoor service since it was the dry season and no rain was expected.  But rain it did and everyone scrambled to move everything inside the church.  After an hour delay we started the service.  The service was "lively" and loud which is typical for many churches in the aldeas although my ears would appreciate it being done with less volume.  2.5 hours later the first part of the service ended and we left to go back to Cubulco.  We walked for an hour back to the river, where someone was supposed to be waiting for us to take us across.  They also had left us a phone number to call them in case they were not there.  We called and no answer and after waiting in for a half an hour someone finally came to take us across.  It was around 10:30 PM by that time and from there we drove the 45 minutes back to Cubulco. 
I ask that you pray for the 5 churches in the aldeas and the men that lead these churches.  Pray that God will empower them to lead the church and that the church will respond by supporting them to do that work.