Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week at AMG

This was Nico's first week at AMG.  He is excited about working with them.  They have a great team of very capable Guatemalans (like Alex in the picture) and one gringo Brian Dennett (also in the picture) who work passionately for the organization.   It is a real blessing to work with people who want to give back to God and the community.  Many of the staff are former students.  AMG's main focus is helping around 7500 children who live in poverty get a good quality education in a Christian environment.  AMG sponsors these children by providing them with education, food, and some health care like medical checkups, vaccines, and dental.  Apart from education AMG is also involved in the medical field.  They run a hospital in Cubulco and have several clinics in some of their other projects  Nico's  main focus will be filling a role as the PMEL officer.  PMEL stands for Planning, Measuring, Evaluating, and Learning.  This is a new role required by Woord en Daad to be used in the projects they sponsor.   Woord en Daad is the biggest sponsor that AMG has. Since it is a new role there is no one at the office that can really help him understand exactly what it is he needs to do.  Having said that there is plenty that he can do to prepare himself for the role.  One of the first things he will be doing is visiting the projects that AMG has and learning about each of them and how the organization functions.  After that he will be going to a training seminar either in Guatemala or Haiti towards the end of October.