Friday, January 18, 2013

In Memory of Victoriano Ajualip

Victoriano (left)
Victoriano on the left
On Wednesday, January 16, one of our translators Victoriano passed away to be with the Lord. For several months he had been struggling with a blood clot in his leg that did not seem to go away. He had been told by the doctors to stay off his feet as much as possible which he did. However, his leg which was badly swollen, would look better for a few days only to get worse again. Last week he went to the city for some more tests and they found that he had cancer and that it was terminal. Less than a week later he was gone. It took all of us by surprise although now looking back it explains the reason why he had lost a lot of weight in the past few months. He was a shadow of his former self as the cancer had taken its toll on his body. It is a loss for all of us, especially the family. He leaves behind a wife and several daughters, but thankfully no young children. His death is also a loss to the translation project as he was instrumental in getting the work done ahead of schedule. He had a passion for the translation of the Bible and we hope his passion lives on through others. The funeral was today and although I was not able to be present I was able to write a letter which was read at the funeral. We ask that you pray for his wife Maria and for his daughters.