Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jesse's First Day of School

Eve is one of Jesse's best friends

Today was an exciting day for Jesse. Not only was it his 5th birthday, but it was also his first day of school. Jesse started kindergarten today and he was very excited. Although he went to bed quite late he was up early getting ready for class. That was very responsible of him. We took him and then twins to school at 7:40 and brought him to his classroom. He quickly fit in and left us to play with some of the other kids. He knows several of the other kids in the class which of course made it easy. At 10:00 Lia brought cupcakes to class to celebrate Jesse's birthday and at noon we picked him up again together with Nico and Ellen. Today was just a half a day of school, Tomorrow they will have their first full day of school from 8:00 till 3:15. We ask that you pray for our kids as they start another year as well as for the teachers.
Ellen and one of her classmates

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Unknown said...

Love the pictures!! We were camping with B&C's kids at monck on wednseday, but we thought of Jesse's birthday and first day of school. Glad to hear he enjoyed it :-) Happy Birthday Jesse! Love Auntie Corina, Oma and Opa