Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trip to Haiti: Visit with the Kruls

What is left of the Cathedral
On the 12th of October I had the opportunity to visit Haiti.  I had to be in Haiti for a workshop hosted by Woord en Daad Holland so I decided to leave 3 days earlier to visit with Jason and Wilhelmina Krul.  While on furlough in BC this summer we had the opportunity to be at their fund raiser dinner and I had asked Jason whether or not I could stay with them for a few days.  I had a great time with them, getting to know them better and getting to fly around with Jason and other MAF pilots to 5 different parts of Haiti.  Although large parts of Haiti are barren because of deforestation, it is still a beautiful country, at least from the air.  From the ground it is another story.  
Haiti, like many 3rd world countries is a country of contrasts.  There are many tent cities all over Port au Prince.  There are large slums that have deplorable living conditions.  And then you drive a few kilometres up into the mountains and you find huge luxurious homes where a hand full of wealthy Haitians live.  Haiti is the most underdeveloped and poor country of the western hemisphere.  I have been to a number of underdeveloped countries and Haiti is definitely the worst one.  Very few roads are paved and the infrastructure is bad which does not allow for the country to develop since there is a direct link between infrastructure and the development of a country.  It is sad to see how many Haitians live.  Please pray for this country and the missionaries like the Krul's who work there. 
MAF Hangar   

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