Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Update on Doug Johnson

Some of you have been wondering and asking how Doug Johnson is doing. He was the missionary who was shot 4 times several months ago and survived. This past weekend at a missions conference I had the chance to finally sit down with him and talk. Although we live close to each other we only see each other when we drop off our kids or pick them up from school. 
We talked for over an hour and it was very good. Doug shared many of the details of what happened from being shot, to driving in the ambulance and hanging on for dear life as he was not tied down, nor was anyone trying to stop the bleeding. He lost over half of his blood by the time he reached the hospital. He also spoke of how he felt the Lord's presence and saw angels. He spoke fondly and emotionally of the outpouring of prayer for him especially from little children. He mentioned how he tried to go home, but was rushed back to the hospital as he had blood clots that were in his blood stream that were a huge concern for the doctors. It was emotional for him to talk and emotional for me to listen. He, like all of us, are testimonies of God's grace. 
Doug still needs a few more surgeries that he would like us to pray for. On March 12, I believe, he will be having surgery to reconnect his large intestine to his small one. The surgeons had to remove a large part of his large intestine because of the damage caused by the bullets. After that he needs surgery on his arm as the two bones in his forearm are fused together and so he can not turn his hand. However, the surgery is delicate as there is a chance of damaging the nerves. Right now he has feeling in his fingers and hands which he does not want to lose. He will probably have this done in the summer while in the States on furlough. Pray for the surgeries that all will go well. Also pray that he will gain some of the weight he lost and that he will get his energy back.  

Although the government claims to have made some strides in curbing the violence, each day there are still way too many murders to feel any kind of confidence in the government reports. Over a month ago two girls aged 6 and 8, I believe, were found murdered together with their mother and aunt. Both of these girls were part of the AMG program. A few weeks later two more young children were found murdered.  It is sad to hear about the senseless murder of children. The only thing that will bring about peace and security is the Gospel. Pray for all the work that is being done in Guatemala for the furtherance of the kingdom of God.


Fred and Arlene said...

Thanks for the update, Nico! So often, we who live in "safer" countries, forget of the dangers other experience! May God keep you all safe in Guatemala. Fred & Arlene

Nico Kattenberg said...

It definitely keeps life in perspective.