Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

I mentioned in a previous post that I would write something about the play our twins were involved with.  For several months now Nico and Ellen have been practicing for many hours for the Wizard of Oz musical play that the school put on.  Especially during the last few weeks leading up to the performances they spent countless hours at school rehearsing. They were pretty exhausted from all the late nights and so were we from having to drive them back and forth and bring them supper. Thankfully we live just a few minutes from school. We were actually tempted to pull them out because it was getting too much, but the twins said that they wanted to finish. We were proud of them for that especially since they did not really want to be part of the play in the first place. Ellen was much more keen on being part of a play than Nico, but we made him go and in the end they both enjoyed themselves and said that they want to be part of a play again next year.  We will see!  They ended up doing the play three nights in a row last week from Thursday till Saturday.  It was around 3 hours long and it was pretty well done. I was in Colombia most of last week, and so I missed the first two nights of the play. However, I made sure that I was on the early flight back to Guatemala so that I would make the last play on Saturday night.  Again we were proud of our little troopers for hanging in there and going through with it with good attitudes.  See if you can find them in the photos!

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