Monday, November 1, 2010

Tristan is ONE!!!!

Today is November 1st a holiday in most Latin American countries.  It is the "day of the dead" also known as "all saints day".  This is a day when most Latin American go to the graveyard to party by the grave of their loved ones.  They usually bring the deceased's favorite food and drink.  While people are partying it up in the cemeteries, I am sure there was also a party at our house.  Tristan turned ONE year old today.  Sadly enough I was not able to be there because of my trip to Peru.  Tristan is our pride and joy.  He is very high maintenance, but he is a lot of fun and gives the best hugs not only to us but also to whoever is holding him.  He gets a lot of attention from all sorts of people especially the Guatemalans.  Tristan is still as chubby as ever and he is learning to walk.  Right now he likes to scoot around the house pushing a chair or a stool.  Another thing he is good at is holding a cell phone.  He gets that from his mother.

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