Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today is my last day in Ecuador where I spent the last 4 days visiting with the Jonkman's and looking at their ministry and a little of Quito.  My visit was great and I really enjoyed my time getting to know Fred and Arlene and some of the people they work with and minister to.  It is evident that although there are always challenges and difficulties, God has blessed their ministry.  As some might not know, they are involved with a local church and helping this church grow and mature.  They also are involved with promoting a Sunday school material that they translated into Spanish with the help of some Ecuadorians.  This material has been well received all over Latin America.  Finally, they are also involved with MINTS (Miami International Seminary) which is a kind of mobile seminary set up to train local leaders in different parts of Ecuador.  As is the reality of most missionaries, I am sure they are involved with many other things that I did not get to see or hear about.  

I arrived in Ecuador Saturday afternoon and that evening we went to a Bible study for a college and careers group.  On Sunday we went to church for Sunday school and a church service.  After church we went to pick up some of the young people who were on a weekend retreat up in the mountains in a place where HCJB radio had their hydro electric project that they had set up to power their antennas from which they would broadcast the gospel all over the globe.  After coming back to Quito we spent the evening at the Jonkman's house discussing the sermon of that morning with people of the church.    On Monday, I went to the office to look at it and talk with Luis Carlos who works with Fred.  He is a very gifted teacher.  After going to the office we went to the Nazarene Seminary to play basketball for a few hours.  In the evening we went back to the office for the MINTS course that is held each Monday night.  Today we spent the day going to look at the HCJB headquarters, the hospital and the Alliance school.  We went to the center of Quito which was neat.  In the afternoon we went to the Equator which was neat and visited with Luis Carlos who lives near there.  
My time here in Ecuador has been really nice.  Tomorrow I head back to Guatemala to be reunited with Lia and the kids.  Please pray for the Jonkman's and their ministry.


LeanneO said...

Hello Nico, Lia and kids!

Thanks for sharing this blog with us. It's special to be able to have this tiny picture of where you are right now.

Nico, I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read the part of the post about Tristan's cell phone usage. :)

We hope to check in with you often and keep some contact this way.

God bless you with everything you need for every single moment.

Love, Leanne and the rest of the O's.

Michelle Vandepol said...

got your letter in church today and loved it. yahoo for date nights :)
keep in touch. praying for you all

LeanneO said...

Hey all
We wanted to wish you a happy birthday, Lia. Maybe an occasion for one of those wonderful date nights? :) Hope you had a special day.

God bless.
Hugs, Leanne and the rest of my overduins.

Fred and Arlene said...

Hello Nico! You were very kind to write about your visit with us! It was our joy to have you with us. Great fellowship and great talks! I love the bond that missionaries can have! Arlene and I hope we can return the favour some day and visit you all in Guatemala! Thanks for the great report of Ecuador and great pictures!!