Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jesse is 3!!!

While we were in Cubulco, Jesse turned 3 years old on August 15.  Since his birthday was on Sunday we decided to have his birthday party on Monday.  Lia invited some kids from the church and friends to a little birthday party.  We had cake and broke a pinata full of candy.  Jesse was spoiled with presents from his friends.  Jesse is really growing.  He is still a little skinny, but he is eating a lot and starting to fill out a bit.  He seems to be quite content here in Guatemala.  In Canada it was hard for us to leave him.  For instance he did not want to go to the babysit during church.  However, here in Guatemala he has no problem with us leaving him in the babysit at the Central Presbyterian church where all the people are strangers and do not speak English.

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